Membership of Cotswold Taste Ltd is open to any business that meets the qualification criteria. 
Businesses involved in the production, processing, supply and retailing of products that qualify to carry the Cotswold Taste brand, and hospitality outlets offering specific products which qualify to carry the brand, can apply for membership. 
Members pay an annual membership fee, currently set at £75 p.a. 
Members are entitled to vote at meetings of the co-operative and are eligible to receive the benefits which are specified in the rules of the co-operative and the various services provided by Cotswold Taste. 
To apply for membership, please complete the enquiry form below or download the application forms CLICK HERE. 


Many businesses and organisations provide services to the members and potential members of Cotswold Taste, which support and promote them in their activities and operations. 
These include accountants, law firms, PR agencies and marketing consultancies, real estate partnerships, specialist service providers, and the funding community. 
They may also be sourcing products from Cotswold Taste members, or be involved in adopting and implementing policies relevant to Cotswold Taste members. 
They can qualify to become a Business Partner, for an annual fee currently set at £100 p.a. 
However, this does not entitle them to vote in any matters relating to Cotswold Taste. 
To apply to become an approved Business Partner of Cotswold Taste, please complete the enquiry form below or download the application forms CLICK HERE. 


For more information about our current Members and Business Partners, please click HERE
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